Recreation Parties on Mog Mog, Ulithi

Photocopy of a painting of officers on MogMog by Lt. Commander Trudgett

“Mog Mog was a patch of sand with palm trees. The whole island was about the size of two baseball fields. They would boat us ashore and give each three cans of beer. I didn’t drink so I sold mine for $1.00 a can. We would play baseball, walk around the island or some would fish. It was a great day outing just being away from the ship and our duties.”

-A.J. Raska, Seaman 2/c



Directions for Mog Mog

“The native grass huts and buildings were standing. The SeaBees had constructed picnic and BBQ facilities and ball fields. We were authorized to send over liberty parties with athletic equipment and two cans of beer per man for an afternoon of sunning, swimming, playing ball, eating and drinking. My first experience with liberty parties as an ensign was to be in charge of 50 sailors with all their gear and beer and get them to the beach, a 45 minute boat ride, supervise their recreation…and get them back to the ship on schedule. I was outnumbered 50 to one.”

-Capt. Tracy Wilder, USN (Ret)

Sailors on liberty

“I remember when I went ashore on that island. The boat would dock at an old rickety pier and you walked through a jungle path to get to the recreation area. The warm beer was delicious.”

-Ron Johnson, Seaman 2/c

“Had my first recreation since leaving the states. We had 2-1/2 cases of beer between four fellows. We really had a swell time and were heading back to the ship we were feeling pretty high. Got back and went to bed to sleep it off. That was my first recreation at Ulithi. Had my second

Officers on liberty

recreation party. Had a few beers then went swimming and lying in the sand. Sure reminded me of home. What a burn. I can still feel it. Had third recreation party and went swimming and had a few beers and really got a tan.”

-Diary entries of Jack Lee Westphal, Signalman 3/c, December 1944



Liberty on Mog Mog

“We anchored back in Ulithi to refuel and replenish stores. While in Ulithi we would have recreation at our favorite resort, Mog Mog. The island was very small with the highest point above sea level of about six feet. The island was covered with coconut palm trees…and divided so that about three-quarters were for the enlisted personnel and the remainder for the officer’s club. We could strip down to our skivvies and swim in the surf…or just lounge around and relax, which most of us did. Time on the island was about four hours.”

-Bill Fleishman, Fireman 1/c