Whether you’re a local or a tourist, a teacher or a student, a veteran or novice or just plain curious, the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA offers an incredible experience for everyone!

To see what is planned at the Battleship, please see our Calendar of Events.


The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is a self-guided tour. Follow the arrows and enjoy climbing ladders to explore. Make sure to bring your camera, but hold onto to it along with your cell phones and sunglasses!

The Ship is huge and not air conditioned, so be prepared to savor her as the sailors did. She is open to visitors rain or shine, with much of the tour inside the Ship and protected from inclement weather, but the site does experience tidal flooding. It is always recommended that visitors monitor tide and weather information before visiting low-lying areas of the Cape Fear Coast such as the Battleship.

Visitors spend about 2 hours touring, on average, but many visitors stay longer. It is up to you and how much you would like to discover! The Ship is yours for the day!

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Visitor Safety Information: No running. Maintain control of children at all times. Flat, soft-sole shoes recommended. Watch where you step at all times. Stay on the tour route at all times -- Obey all signs. Pace yourself and stay hydrated. Use two hands on rails while climbing stairs. Use each step on stairs -- No jumping or sliding on rails. Do not lean over the side of the ship. Stay inside the ship during severe weather and lightning. Do not tour while under the influence of drugs/alcohol. Beware of alligators and other wildlife. It is against the law to swim, fish or disturb wildlife on historic state property. Report any dangers to Battleship staff.


Safety is our number one concern for our visitors. We have provided hand rails and non-slip tape but your choice in footwear is key in keeping you safe. Good footwear = flat, soft sole shoes such as athletic shoes, boat shoes or moccasins. Bad footwear = flip flops, flatform shoes or heels of any kind, including the small heel common on men's dress shoes and loafers.



Around 30,000 North Carolinians own and operate drones for personal and recreational use, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation, but drones can be dangerous to others and to the Ship if not operated properly.

The Drone/Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) policy for flying over or around the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA property is simple:

  1. Follow the federal (FAA) and NC state laws;
  2. Never endanger or harass visitors or staff of the Battleship with your drone;
  3. Never operate a drone in a way that could damage the Battleship or surrounding property; and
  4. All drones must land and take off from the park – never the decks of the Battleship.

Please read the full Battleship policy for Drone/UAS use here.

The NC Department of Transportation also offers tips for safe and legal drone use.

We wish all a very safe and memorable visit to the Battleship North Carolina Memorial. So, if you’re contemplating flying a drone here, please do so safely and legally, or leave the flying to the licensed pilots. Wonderful aerial pictures of the Battleship are available in the Battleship gift shop. Enjoy your visit!