Training exercise using a zipline on Battleship NORTH CAROLINAAs an organization, we have discussed the realities of hosting private rental events and decided that we are NOT able to commit to any future date for a variety of reasons: severe and ongoing flooding issues, new construction work/projects, and loss of event staff are only a few of those reasons.

Faced with all of these challenges, and with our primary concern being to remain open and available to daily visitors, we just cannot commit to any private rental event (weddings, dinners, etc.).  The only groups/events that we can host are paranormal investigations, confined space trainings, and simple military ceremonies (re-enlistments, promotions, etc.).  These events are all self-contained and require no set-up.

Call 910-399-9111 or email Danielle Wallace for more information, pricing and availability for allowable events.  To schedule a military ceremony (re-enlistments, promotion, or retirement ceremonies), please call 910-399-9101 or email Shelly Robinson.

Berths with Christmas lights for "USS Christmas" filmingAlso a popular filming location, we have hosted Revolution, Ghost Hunters, One Tree Hill, Japanese Public Television, Discovery Channel and a variety of other productions. To view more productions, click here.

If you are interested in filming aboard the Ship, please contact Danielle Wallace