3 Reasons Donations are Important

  1. The Battleship Memorial was started with a single donation when the US Navy transferred the USS North Carolina to the State.   A second gift from the people of North Carolina–including the nickels and dimes of school children–brought the ship home to Wilmington in 1961.
  2. The Battleship receives no regular government funding for operations or upkeep.  Donations safeguard the “ship shape” of our historic vessel, secure access to Battleship Memorial and support a rich visitor experience.
  3. Battleship North Carolina is a legacy to those who risk their lives in support of our freedom.  Your donations actively support our treasured National Historic Landmark as a powerful site to share our history and introduce the call to duty–to teach, to learn, to serve.

Activities to Support

Battleship Park–Our Park needs a refresh!  It is boring and ugly.  Our Park also needs to be protected from high tide waters that erode the shoreline and make wet low-lying areas.  We plan to design and build a world-class public park as a capital campaign project.  14 million people have visited the Battleship from around the world.  Battleship Park donations support the Noble Cause to create improvements that will last generations and benefit millions!

Restoration–More than 2,000 sailors used to keep the Battleship ship-shape.  New we use Restoration donations to repair our teak deck from the weather, remove rust from our 99 million pounds of steel, paint miles of surfaces and more!  Restoration donations also fund maintenance of our grounds so visitors experience a safe and enjoyable trip to Battleship Memorial.

Museum donations support artifact acquisition and conservation.  They also fund interpretation, restoration and display one of the Nation’s largest collections of Second World War historic materials.  Museum donations help bring Battleship archives to a broader audience through digital means, including large scale scanning, internet access to collection and photos, recordings of first-person accounts and podcasts and videos of shipboard living.

Education donations ensure the Battleship’s Memorial legacy is honored and history remains relevant to future generations.  Donations help develop and deliver exciting STEM Programs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and provide environmental education for public, private, and home school groups.  Education donations help us share the unique story of the Battleship Memorial, the USS North Carolina‘s valor in the Second World War and the service of her crew.

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Friends of the Battleship North Carolina Inc., receives donations for purposes that help the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA fulfill its mission. Donations for the Battleship are processed through the  Friends, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID #58-1074102

Other Ways to Give

Volunteer opportunities

We also value the gift of your time. For more information on volunteer opportunities at the Battleship, click here.

Thank you for Your Contribution

The Battleship NORTH CAROLINA is a testimonial to those who continue to give their lives in support of our freedom today. Your contribution can actively support this treasured monument as a powerful place to share our history and introduce the call to duty – to teach, to learn, and to serve.

Thank you for your support of the Battleship.